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The Importance of Pelvic Floor Therapy for Women and Men

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The pelvic floor is an important consideration in women’s health physical therapy, but it plays an equally vital role for men. This is because the muscles and connective tissue that make up the pelvic floor act as a support structure for not only the bones of the pelvis, but also the organs of the digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems, among other components of the body. While anatomical differences may mean that patients need different treatment options in some cases, JAG PT’s pelvic health physical therapists are committed to helping all our patients, no matter their gender.

At JAG Physical Therapy’s local clinics throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, we offer customized treatment plans that can include robust, specialized pelvic floor therapy. Read further or contact us to learn more about our pelvic health program, or schedule your appointment today.

Who Can Benefit from Pelvic Floor PT Treatment?

Anyone can benefit from pelvic health physical therapy to improve overall health and find relief. There are many pelvic health issues that can be disruptive to daily life, that may affect men and women equally, and that can be effectively treated with various physical therapy methods, such as overactive bladder syndrome, urinary incontinence, and constipation.

Most people can be proactive about their health with practices like pelvic floor exercises under the advice of a physical therapist. For example, student athletes who want to prevent injuries to the lower body that could sideline them, construction workers looking to avoid workplace strains, and senior citizens who seek to stay physically active can benefit, and so can many others. There are also many health concerns affecting primarily women or primarily men that a pelvic PT specialist can help with.

Physical Therapy to Support Pelvic Health for Women

For women who are pregnant or who have recently had a child, antepartum and postpartum physical therapy is an essential consideration for overall health. Antepartum PT is useful in relieving sciatic and lower back pain caused by pregnancy, addressing any pelvic floor conditions that might arise, and preparing the pelvis for delivery. Meanwhile, pelvic floor PT in the postpartum time period helps those who have given birth return to pre-pregnancy activities, reduce the risk of complications, heal from musculoskeletal injuries in the pelvis, and more.

Interstitial cystitis is a condition of the bladder and pelvic floor primarily affecting women – it can cause pain, discomfort, and many different issues with urination, and can result in lost sleep and other lifestyle disruptions. Since this is an idiopathic condition, the best treatment is symptom relief, which can be achieved with pelvic floor physical therapy.

Some women may also be at risk of sexual dysfunction due to pelvic health issues, including vaginismus and pain during intercourse, among other sexual health conditions. Physical therapy is often the most effective and least invasive treatment for conditions like these as well.

Physical Therapy to Improve Pelvic Health for Men

Men who have prostate conditions or who have had surgery for their prostate can be at risk for issues like urinary incontinence and overactive bladder syndrome. Pelvic floor training through biofeedback and exercise, among other PT methods, can alleviate conditions such as these long-term without the need for prescription medications or surgery.

In addition, men are equally as susceptible to sexual dysfunction due to pelvic health problems as women are. The right pelvic health treatment program can relieve erectile dysfunction, penile pain, and other sexual dysfunction issues affecting men, and JAG PT’s empathetic therapy staff treats these conditions with the utmost care.

JAG Physical Therapy takes pride in helping anyone with a pelvic floor condition find better health and greater quality of life. Contact us with any questions, find your nearest location in NJ, PA, or NY today, or schedule a pelvic health evaluation online.

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