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Chronic Ankle Laxity
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Chronic Ankle Laxity

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

Chronic Ankle laxity is instability of the ankle joint. Instability occurs because of previous ankle injuries. The ligaments of the ankle do not provide full support because of previous sprains and strains. The ankle did not heal properly or has lost strength.

Symptoms of Chronic Ankle Laxity:

  • Feeling of an ankle giving away or feeling unstable.
  • Swelling
  • Pain

Diagnosis of Chronic Ankle Laxity:

Your physician will evaluate your injury by taking a complete medical history, including mechanism of injury, prior injuries and symptoms. Your physician will also perform a complete physical examination of your ankle. In addition, your physician may recommend an x-ray of your ankle or your physician may recommend an MRI.

Treatment of Chronic Ankle Laxity:

  • Physical therapy is your first step in trying to strengthen the ankle.
  • An ankle brace may be suggested
  • Take an anti-inflammatory or pain medication as prescribed by your physician.
  • Ice for 20 minutes on with 40 minutes off throughout the day.
  • Elevate your ankle
  • Use an ace wrap or ankle brace to reduce swelling in your ankle.

Chronic Ankle Laxity Surgery:

If your ankle remains unstable, surgery is an option to reconstruct the damaged ligaments.

Prevention of Chronic Ankle Laxity:

You can prevent chronic ankle instability by properly rehabbing your ankle after an injury. You should continue the exercise on your own in order to keep the muscles surrounding the ankle strong.

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