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Athletic Training Services

JAG PT Athletic Training Services is the Tri-State Area’s preferred provider of Athletic Training Services. We work with you through the season, to help keep your team healthy, practicing strong, and thriving in the game. With a staff of over 100 Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), we are both the largest employer of Athletic Trainers and largest provider of athletic training services in the Tri-State Area. JAG PT Athletic Trainers have love and dedication to their craft and stay up-to-date and informed on state laws in areas that include (but are not limited to) concussion, heat illness, and wrestling hydration policies.

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History of JAG PT Athletic Training Services:

JAG PT Athletic Training Services was born over a decade ago to assist teams and athletes in our neighboring communities throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Since inception, JAG PT Athletic Training Services prides itself on providing care to a multitude of athletes and organizations of all ages and levels of sport ensuring their health and safety.

Our Certified Athletic Trainers meet you and your team directly at practices, games, and tournaments to help you prevent sports injuries, stay fit, and optimize athletic performance, so that your organization’s athletes can play with less pain and spend more time playing the sport they love. We also provide your athletes follow-up care at JAG PT facilities, referrals to physicians and other healthcare professionals, and educational resources/certifications for athletes, parents, and coaches.

Partnership Benefits with JAG PT Athletic Training Services:

  • A dedicated team of over 100 Athletic Trainers
  • Coverage of athletic events that would otherwise go uncovered
  • Assistance in building medical policies and procedures
  • Educational opportunities for coaches, athletes, and parents that can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Discounted CPR courses for coaches and athletes

Partner Success Stories

Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, NJ

As the Director of Athletics at Ridge High School, it is very reassuring to know that when an Athletic Trainer from JAG PT is responsible for the medical care at one of our athletic events, the student-athletes of Ridge and our guests are in good hands.  It is important to note that in every situation, the Athletic Trainers at JAG PT have been highly trained professionals and quality people that have been a pleasure to work with.  The Athletic Trainers have provided quality care, demonstrated a willingness to perform any tasks necessary, and effectively communicated with injured athletes, coaches, and the parents of athletes.”

TSF Academy Soccer, Lincoln Park, NJ

“TSF Academy have been working closely with JAG PT for many years now and have received excellent support not just on the field but off the field also. It is so important to have well-trained professionals to support our players and staff at our games and events for the players' welfare and safety of all. JAG PT has been excellent and consistent in meeting our needs. They have been fully supportive of the education of our staff off the field with injury prevention and CPR training and we can always rely on their support with our athletic training needs.”

Xaverian High School, Brooklyn, NY

“Our partnership with JAG PT has been a blessing for our school.  The trainers they have are first rate and the services they provide for our student-athletes are top notch”

Wood-Ridge Recreation, Wood-Ridge, NJ

”It is such a benefit to have a JAG PT Athletic Trainer on our sidelines with us. Not only does it help our volunteer coaches know that if a player is injured, a Certified Athletic Trainer is available to evaluate the player; it is also comforting to the parents to know that their injured child is being taken care of by an Athletic Trainer who is a licensed and certified health care professional who practices in the field of sports medicine.”

Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge, NJ

“JAG PT Athletic Training Services is a pleasure to work with. They are professional, dependable, and extremely competent. I know when we need their services, they are going to do everything possible to fulfil our request. In addition, when they do cover practices and games, we know our student athletes are in very capable hands.”

Looking to Secure a Certified Athletic Trainer for Your Sports Season or Event in NJ, NY, and/or PA?

For all your Athletic Training needs, trust the experts at JAG PT Athletic Training Services.

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