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Pelvic Health Services


At JAG Physical Therapy, we recognize the anatomical importance of the pelvis as an interconnection of multiple bodily systems. Maintaining good pelvic health involves supporting the function and wholeness of the musculoskeletal, digestive, urinary, reproductive, colorectal and other systems. People of any gender may have a health issue that could benefit from pelvic treatment.

The pelvic health services we provide use a holistic approach that’s tailored to each individual’s unique lifestyle and condition. Our specialist PTs can perform an expert abdominal and pelvic evaluation that may include conditions of your hips or lower spine and are able to treat the following health concerns and more:

General Abdominal and Pelvic Pain

Muscular pain, joint pain, neuralgia, or visceral pain can refer to the pelvis or abdomen. At JAG PT, we can help these pain conditions with approaches such as manual therapy including myofascial release, guided exercise, nervous system down regulation, and other modalities to get the best results for you. We also can help you manage post-surgical pain and abdominal scars with our pre- and post-operative PT offerings.

Bladder and Bowel Conditions

Our program of strengthening and pelvic floor release can help normalize the function of the bowel and bladder. We offer sEMG biofeedback for the pelvic floor, rectal balloon training, and real-time ultrasound. We have helped patients with conditions that include constipation, incontinence, post-prostatectomy urinary dysfunction, prolapse, overactive bladder, urinary retention, and others.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Conditions

Pregnancy and the period after childbirth can be a stressful time for the body, and the pelvis is one of the regions most affected by the changes the body undergoes. At Jag, we treat pregnancy-related conditions with empathy and sensitivity, specializing in diastasis recti, perineal pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, tailbone pain, mastalgia, and more.

Sexual Health Conditions

All adults deserve to be able to maintain their preferred level of sexual activity in good health. Many pelvic conditions can disrupt this, and we provide PT solutions for sexual dysfunctions with the utmost care. We are able to treat a range of conditions such as vaginismus, penile or clitoral pain, erectile dysfunction, and more.

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JAG PT is proud to offer people of all walks of life support for their best pelvic health.

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