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Physical Therapy in South Bayonne, NJ

JAG Physical Therapy Bayonne South: Your Trusted TMJ Therapy and Blood Flow Restriction Provider

Situated right on Broadway, JAG PT Bayonne South serves Hudson County with physical therapy in all specializations, using empathy and expertise to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes.

JAG PT offers our patients individual therapy plans, developed in consultation with our highly skilled therapy staff. Our entire staff has experience in different physical therapy specialties.

While we have therapeutic treatments of all kinds available, some of our top specialties include:

TMJ Therapy

Your temporomandibular joint, or the joint where the jaw meets the skull, is one of the most sensitive and important areas of the body. TMJ conditions can cause pain, muscle stiffness, and difficulty eating and talking, which can cause severe harm to quality of life. At JAG PT Bayonne South, we use proven effective techniques to lessen pain and improve flexibility to relieve TMJ disorders. Learn more about TMJ physical therapy.

Women’s Health Services

Women have unique concerns when it comes to their musculoskeletal health. JAG PT Bayonne South offers physical therapy geared towards helping women lead healthier lives, including treatment for prenatal and postpartum pain, exercise guidance during pregnancy, musculoskeletal therapies for female athletes, and more. Learn more about women’s health at JAG PT.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Here at JAG PT, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of physical therapy. With that in mind, our blood flow restriction therapy services use the latest research on muscle building in a hypoxic body environment to help you gain or regain strength, flexibility, and mobility.

JAG Physical Therapy
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17:08 14 Jul 22
Edward Zdanowicz is very dedicated to his patients, working to resolve any and all problems or questions we may have concerning our recovery. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, his experience, professionalism and courtesy are exemplary. I am writing this not only about my personal case (which was extremely challenging), but also what I have observed of his treatment of others in my sessions.
Felicia MooreFelicia Moore
14:57 25 May 21
David and his team are absolutely amazing. I started going to Broadway Physical Therapy in 2019 after a serious accident. My ankle was completely shattered and after three major surgeries and not being able to walk or stand for 6 months. David's and his team worked wonders they got me walking and stand. I know it won't be 100% but I wouldn't have made it this far without them. And even now they won't stop until am able to do half the things I could do be this happen. Thank you so much Broadway Physical Therapy you guys all rock!
Matthew CilinoMatthew Cilino
12:41 03 May 21
David has been working with me for the past two weeks. I have had problems walking without being hunched over. Seems my hamstrings needed to be addressed. David did a marvelous job working on the problem. Wonderful results.Matthew cilino
Frank CoppolaFrank Coppola
11:21 05 Apr 21
David, and the rest of the team here are very accommodating. I was honestly skeptical about being recommended physical therapy because of a really poor experience last time where I was being told to go over and over again with no progress or improvements on my knee a few years back. I felt like I was being milked for money. This time around I did a lot more research. And I have been pleasantly surprised since. I am not only starting to feel better, get stronger again, and be able to move and live normally... but I am learning. Learning how to manage pain, how to do exercises at home, and measure progress. My questions are getting thoughtfully answered and I honestly feel like I know more about my body than ever. I am not looking to just get back to some basic level of performance, I am a competitive powerlifter who wants to build my shoulder back up to athletic performance again. I can not speak enough of my experience here. If anyone is in Hudson county or nearby I would 100% recommend Broadway Physical Therapy.
Helen MbiadHelen Mbiad
12:09 11 Mar 21
My husband Chris J. has been going to physical therapy a few months now and the treatments he is getting are terrific. It has helped him so much. David the owner and his staff are fantastic. They take there time with you , they explain all the treatments they do for you, they focus on your wellbeing. I recommend this facility to everyone . Thanks so much for everything you do!!
Chris EckertChris Eckert
16:00 15 Feb 21
Weeks leading up to my total right knee replacement in mid October, my goal was to seek out the BEST physical therapy facility for rehabilitation. I was looking for a facility and staff, that had a very high success rate of recovery. Let me tell you, from my personal experience Broadway Physical Therapy is the BEST of the BEST! The office management as well as the physical therapists treat you like family. They NEVER rush out the door, patients are given undivided attention during their sessions. David evaluated me on my first visit and thoroughly explained to me the road I had ahead of me. Together we worked tirelessly, in achieving my goal of full recovery. Broadway Physical Therapy helped me regain my life. I can now physically take part in activities, that I have not been able to do in YEARS! Thank you Broadway Physical Therapy!
nora orlandonora orlando
17:54 19 Nov 20
I would like to give a big thank you to David Feniger and his staff at Broadway Physical Therapy. I had 2 major shoulder surgeries in nine months. David and his staff worked tirelessly with me during my recovery. They kept me strong and motivated. David says it's his job, but it is so much more. It is his passion! Each patient is personal and he works hard to bring everyone to their full potential. I am now ready to leave physical therapy. I walk away with NO PAIN and more flexibility and range of motion than I thought possible. I also have a great understanding of how my shoulder works and how to keep it healthy and strong. I highly recommend Broadway Physical Therapy.
Slate Skies9Slate Skies9
22:44 04 Sep 20
I decided to rewrite my review, as my first one was way to long and rambling. David and his entire staff are EXCELLENT!! I've been a patient/client of Davids' (and his staff) for 30 years. He/they have helped me with multiple joint and bone therapy countless times. He has gotten me up on my feet and back to my life many times over. (Yup I've had that many issues.) David and his staff are curteous, know their stuff like the back of their hands and work with you and your insurance no matter what. David's main goal has always been, to get his patient's back to full health and living their lives, as they did before injury/surgery. Marie is always pleasant on the phone and in person. She'll make sure you get appointment's that can work around your schedule. Michelle is a wizard at working with insurance companies. David is a master at getting you back to optimum health and back to your life in a way that is best for you. (His whole staff is the same way.) Unlike other PT places, he and his staff make sure you're 100% ready and healed when you finish with them. They're NOT a place that's only about the financial bottom line. They truly care about their patient's and want to make sure you're at your optimal best. No matter how long it takes. After multiple injuries and surgeries over a very long time line, I can say with ABSOLUTE confidence and certainty, that David and his staff are some of the BEST physical therapists in NJ. You need PT, you want to get back in the swing of things asap? Trust David and his staff, to help you do that.
T. RamaT. Rama
22:03 23 Jul 16
Lymphedema Specialists: I'm truly thankful to have found Broadway Physical Therapy after an extensive search for a practice that combines decades of proven results and experience and a highly competent and compassionate staff. Five months ago, after undergoing 5 consecutive complex surgeries that resulted in a lymphatic leak, my lower leg and foot became swollen and frozen to the point I was dependent on a walker and cane to get around. Everyday I struggled with mobility and the sinking feeling that I may have to live with edema, a limp and compression garments the rest of my life. Under the care of David Feniger, owner and Physical Therapy director, in two short weeks I saw immediate results on the treatment of my lower extremity lymphedema. Swelling has gone down, my joints aren't as stiff, and more importantly, I was given the encouragement and confidence to walk on my own again. Week after week, I see vast improvements and I know I'm on my way to a promising recovery. Thank you, David and staff, for the awesome work that you all do. Your wisdom, patience, humor and passion for the well-being of your patients are unparalleled. I would recommend your office in a heartbeat!
Marie SestitoMarie Sestito
19:54 01 Aug 13
When I started at Broadway Physical Therapy in June 2012, I had a difficult time walking, getting up from a chair, etc. due to arthritis in my knees. David and his staff worked tirelessly with me until Sept. 2012 and now my health has significantly improved. He is now working to improve mobility on my ankle which I broke 40 years ago!David and his staff are caring professionals, courteous and very knowledgeable. The environment is friendly and clean.Their attention and dedication to their clients is the reason I highly recommend Broadway Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy.
Patricia O'BrienPatricia O'Brien
01:11 21 Dec 12
Patricia O'BrienWhatever you're looking for in a physical therapist, your search should begin here at the Broadway Physical Therapy office of David M.Feniger, PT. I had ruptured my achilles tendon and have been tread by David M. Feniger. He helps you understand all facets of your treatment, listens to what you have to say and cares about how you feel. Thanks to him, I am ahead of schedule in my recovery from the achilles tendon surgery. In addition, his staff Christian, Mike, Teresa, Michelle and Marie are professional, friendly and courteous.

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