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Functional Capacity Evaluation Testing
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Functional Capacity Evaluation Testing

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FCE Testing in NJ

A Functional Capacity Evaluation Test is used to evaluate whether or not an individual has the capacity to perform work activities that are specifically related to their employment. The main point of this testing system is to ensure that the individual’s overall health, body functions and structures can endure the demands of the job that their potential – future employer requires. JAG Physical Therapy’s purpose in offering FCE Testing services is to evaluate the person’s ability to participate in their possible workplace. There are also different types of activities that support work performance that can be evaluated through other tests.

What is the Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Each Functional Capacity Evaluation varies depending on the purpose of the assessment. Most functional tests include material-handling tests and positional tolerance tests. Both of these major tests have multiple smaller tests within them to make sure you are fully capable of functioning at your new job. In addition to these tests, there is also a pain-monitoring portion of the evaluation to document levels of pain during activities, as well as managing that pain. Lastly, the FCE will sometimes consist of tests for job-specific functions as well as testing of the potential worker’s ability to meet the cognitive demands of the job.

Benefits of Functional Capacity Evaluation

One of the major benefits for the FCE is to help someone who has been injured on the job to help determine if they have the ability to return to work. You can also benefit from a Functional Capacity Evaluation if you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Other people who benefit from FCE testing are people trying to go back to work after a catastrophic injury, someone seeking vocational rehabilitation services, and students receiving transitional services into a work setting to determine their skills.

Purpose for Functional Capacity Evaluation

The FCE can be used for a number of different purposes, none more important than determining the goals for rehabilitation or readiness for discharge planning. It is also used to determine the ability to safely return to work status as well as the work ability status for vocational rehab. An additional purpose of the FCE is that it can help any workers’ compensation case settlement. Lastly, it shows whether someone has the ability to meet the demands of a specific job and other activities.

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FCE Testing in New Jersey

Functional Capacity Evaluation is a service that is not offered by every physical or occupational therapist. But, at JAG Physical Therapy, we offer FCE Testing for anyone who needs it at the locations listed below. To find out more about JAG Physical Therapy, or to schedule a FCE today, contact us.


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