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NJYS & MCYSA Team Up with JAG-ONE for First Aid/CPR Courses

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NJYS & MCYSA Team Up with JAG for First Aid/CPR CoursesNew Jersey Youth Soccer and Morris County Youth Soccer Association recently partnered with JAG Physical Therapy to host a pair of First Aid, AED and CPR Certification Courses, with a course being held in January and then a second one in February.

“At JAG Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in remaining a top resource to our surrounding communities by ensuring the health and safety of all who reside there,” said John Gallucci Jr., CEO of JAG Physical Therapy. “Providing CPR, AED and First Aid certification courses at an affordable rate aligns well with our mission and has helped us to certify nearly 2,000 individuals since institution of this program.”

Partnering with NJ Youth Soccer and JAG Physical Therapy for these two First Aid, AED and CPR Certification Courses was Morris County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA).

“MCYSA jumped at the opportunity to partner with JAG Physical Therapy and NJ Youth Soccer to provide CPR and AED training to our members,” said Kyle Haddock, MCYSA President. “The JAG lifesaving training is important to have, but we hope we'll never have to use it. Thank you to JAG and NJ Youth Soccer for providing the opportunity; Sandy Cassidy, Secretary of MCYSA, for coordinating; and Randolph Soccer Club for hosting the first two trainings of its type for NJ Youth Soccer.”

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency technique that is recommended for those who are unresponsive with no or abnormal heart function and no or abnormal breathing. The American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR Course, which is what was taught to NJYS coaches, not only covers CPR for adults and children but also covers automated external defibrillator (AED) use, choking and basic first aid procedures. By the end of this course, attendees were well prepared to deal with emergency life threatening conditions as well as basic first aid type situations.

“Partnering with NJ Youth Soccer, who also has athlete and coach safety at top of mind, to provide their coaches with CPR, AED and First Aid courses is a great opportunity to further our efforts in keeping our communities safe,” Gallucci continued. “Every year, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) affects 424,000 people, with victims ranging from young children to adults and alarmingly only 10 percent of those who experience an out of hospital SCA will survive. When it comes to cardiac arrest, every minute counts, and therefore, ensuring early access to CPR and AED use, such as certified coaches on the sideline of NJYS soccer games, will continually help to save lives.”

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