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Improve that swing and limit injuries with TPI certified instructors at JAG Physical Therapy

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Spring is here, and after spending long winter months inside, golfers are longing for the long green fairways they abandoned months ago. The clubs get cleaned, shoes polished and bags restocked. But are they doing enough to get their bodies ready for a new season?

Many of them do not, said to John Gallucci, CEO of JAG Physical Therapy.

“Every spring our census of clients with golf-related injuries goes up by about 25%,” Gallucci said. “In March, April and May, golfers who have been inactive all winter go out, hit a bucket of balls, play 18 holes and wind up on the therapist’s table. Through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Certification, our trained therapists can both treat golf-related injuries and help prevent them.”

The most common injuries suffered by golfers occur in the hips, lower back and forearms, Gallucci said. Fortunately, TPI certified therapists, who study the biomechanical effects that the golf swing has on the human body, will conduct a swing analysis to determine a patient’s movements pinpoint where he or she may be prone to injury. By analyzing a client’s swing, JAG therapists will create a treatment plan designed to heal damaged areas while strengthening the areas that may be more prone to injury.

“We don’t just look at the patient’s injury, we look at the whole person,” Gallucci said. “Everyone is unique. Over time, we all develop compensatory motions that balance limitations in the biomechanical structure of our bodies. In fact, it is advisable to start young golfers off with proper training and conditioning to establish good patterns in their golf swing and avoid problems that will affect them later in life.”

The Body-Swing Connection, which has been studied by TIP for more than two decades, examines injuries specific to golf. Physical therapists and other TIP certified medical professionals are knowledgeable in assessment and rehabilitation techniques and have an in-depth understanding of how injuries happen. By studying the beginnings of an injury, TPI certified therapists can address specific physical limitations and improve performance.

With TPI Certification, clinicians are able to create conditioning programs for players of all ages. JAG Physical Therapy works closely with high school and colleges, country clubs, coaches and professional golf instructors to train golfers of all skill levels. TPI certified therapists can be found at select JAG Physical Therapy centers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

“Every golfer would rather be out on the course than on a therapist’s table,” Gallucci said. “Golfers who want to improve their health, fitness and performance can contact us to learn more about the TPI certification program. Anyone can go to our website and email a request for the location of the TPI certified therapist closest to them. We will respond within 24 hours.”

JAG Physical Therapy provides a full range of physical therapy, occupational therapy and sports medicine services at over 100 locations throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. For more information about JAG PT and the TPI contact us at any time!

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