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What Areas are Addressed in Occupational Therapy Treatment?

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Occupational therapy is a broad therapeutic method that focuses on helping people return to specific activities they want or need to participate in following a medical event. The goals of occupational therapy can be to build up strength, coordination, or a specific skill, to learn adaptive methods to complete a task in an alternative way, to master the use of a device or prosthesis in everyday life, and many more.

At JAG Physical Therapy, our occupational therapy specialists utilize a wide range of methods to create customized rehabilitation plans so that each individual patient can get back to work, school, and hobbies as quickly and effectively as possible. Read on to learn more about how occupational therapy can help people from all walks of life, or schedule your initial appointment at your local JAG PT clinic in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania today.

What Skills Can Be Trained in Occupational Therapy?

Patients can use occupational therapy treatment to hone any number of skills related to how they use their body and their mind. One of the primary areas that occupational therapists deal with is motor skills, both fine and gross, because things like manual dexterity, grip strength, and hand-eye coordination are basic competencies needed for many daily activities. Occupational therapy can also help develop visual-motor links and other types of sensory processing, as well as general information processing and other cognitive skills.

In addition, occupational therapy can help build the skills needed for self-care (meal preparation, cleaning, and other activities of daily living), for socialization (including mobility to attend events and the skills used in specific social activities), for work (such as typing or other trade-related tasks), and for leisure activities (like skills utilized in playing sports).

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can benefit people who are recovering from injuries or an operation, or who have many different kinds of physical, psychological, neurological, or developmental conditions. For example, occupational therapists can help individuals who have recently had an amputation better utilize a prosthetic limb, and they can train people who are recovering from broken bones to use custom orthopedic devices.

An occupational therapy program can also help people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, or OCD manage their mental health in a way that maximizes their ability to participate at work, school, and home day to day. Occupational therapy may be appropriate for people with autism, or who have a developmental or movement disorder like cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome. It works for those with a neurocognitive condition like dementia and people recovering from a brain injury. Furthermore, it can help those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome better use their hands, among many other benefits.

Who Benefits From Occupational Therapy?

People of all ages, from all backgrounds, and with all types of medical conditions stand to benefit in many ways from occupational therapy. Since this form of treatment is so versatile and utilizes so many techniques, JAG PT’s skilled and empathetic occupational therapy staff can help anyone restore their abilities or improve their skills in everyday life.

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