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Lower Body Strengthening With L.E.S.S

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

What is the L.E.S.S. Program?

The Lower Extremity Strengthening System (L.E.S.S.) is a program developed by the physical therapists at JAG Physical Therapy, that when implemented works to strengthen the lower-body extremities in athletes. The goal of the Lower Extremity Strengthening System (L.E.S.S.) is to provide a better, stronger base of support for athletics and everyday activities. This is achieved through participation in the L.E.S.S. program, which consists of intense strength-building exercises and education on proper technique, specifically for athletes.

Why L.E.S.S?

The lower body is the base of our structure, so keeping it strong during physical activity should be of the utmost importance for athletes. Unfortunately, this is the part of the body that most athletes tend to neglect. Through the L.E.S.S. program at JAG Physical Therapy, athletes and coaches will know how to best strengthen the lower body in order to prevent several common injuries, including:

  • ACL/MCL/LCL/PCL tears and sprains
  • Meniscus tears
  • Hip labral tears
  • Groin strains
  • Hamstring strains
  • Quadricep strains
  • Ankle sprains
  • Hip flexor strains
  • Calf strains
  • Shin splints

Most of the above injuries are in fact preventable when the athlete is trained in proper technique and has developed the right level of strength in his or her lower body. Taking the time to properly strengthen your lower body can have a huge effect on game performance and result in less injuries.

Prevent Injury With L.E.S.S.

Many athletes, especially those at the high school and college levels, do not properly condition their bodies throughout the year, and therefore end up with preventable, sidelining injuries. At JAG Physical Therapy, we aim to teach athletes and coaches about the importance of flexibility and strength training exercises in order to best prevent these injuries from occurring. The L.E.S.S. program also is ideal for athletes that have been injured in the past, as our licensed staff will teach you the correct methods for recovery and strength-building to avoid further damage and chronic injuries.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Our highly skilled and licensed staff will take you through this intense program to help you prevent these types of injuries and make you a stronger athlete. Covering a series of warmups, strengthening exercises, flexibility building techniques and muscle memory techniques, the L.E.S.S. program will provide you and your team the opportunity to be stronger on and off the field. Contact JAG Physical Therapy today to find the facility nearest you.

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