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Triple Threat Lacrosse Player Spotlight: Kate Ducoff

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Name: Kate Ducoff

Age: 17

School: Mount Saint Mary Academy

Team: Triple Threat Elite North Black

How long have you been playing lacrosse?: I have been playing lacrosse for 10 years. My mom played in college, so the first thing she did was hand me a stick and I haven’t put it down since.

What is your favorite aspect of lacrosse?: My favorite aspect of lacrosse is the creativity. Learning the game, and then making it your own. I’ve enjoyed developing my style of play and love recognizing other people’s distinct techniques.

Do you have a favorite moment or memory from a lacrosse game?: Back when I first started lacrosse, I remember being on attack and calling for the ball from a defender all the way across the field. She launched the ball down the field to me, and I actually caught the long pass, and ran down to offense. I remember catching the ball so vividly because it was a rush I had never felt before, and I can still remember how I felt in that moment.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?: I’ve been coached by Julia Featherman for a long time, and she is definitely a role model for me. She helped me with my injury rehabilitation mentally and physically and is overall a very strong and very wise person. I want to use my experiences to help others as she does.

Have you ever suffered a major sports related injury? If so, how do you feel that improved your game?: I tore my ACL in January 2020. I was lucky to have surgery a few weeks before the shutdown, and I spent the entirety of quarantine in physical therapy. It improved my game by taking the game away. I realized just how much I love lacrosse when I was unable to play, and it refocused me. Now that I am back on the field, I realize it was almost a blessing in disguise.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sports?: I like to draw, paint, write, play field hockey, watch Joan Crawford movies, read, blast music in the car, and spend time with family and friends.

How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?: Playing lacrosse is the biggest endorphin rush, and I love the feeling of doing well. When I am doing good off of the field, that feeling is magnified by 1000. Especially having recovered from a major injury, it is really fulfilling.