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Physical Therapy in Gramercy Park, NYC

JAG PT Gramercy Park: Bringing Compassionate Specialized PT to the East Side

Located just a few blocks from the 23rd St. 6 train station, JAG Physical Therapy Gramercy Park is the Gramercy neighborhood’s trusted source for multispecialty PT treatment. We help local residents from all walks of life rehabilitate from injuries, find relief for chronic conditions, and recover from orthopedic surgery with empathy and skill. We’ll always work with you to develop the right customized treatment plan for you – one that not only targets your particular health conditions but that also works with your lifestyle.

Although we offer many PT specializations, among our favorite treatments include:

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

High-level athletes and ordinary people recovering from injury or rehabilitating from surgery alike choose blood flow restriction therapy as a way to build strength and endurance faster and better. JAG PT’s expert therapy staff help our patients optimize their muscle training with this method, which temporarily cuts off the movement of blood in a limb to mimic the physical effects of strenuous exercise.

Vestibular Therapy

The vestibular system of the inner ear affects almost all of our everyday activities by controlling our sense of balance. When your vestibular system isn’t working properly, you may experience symptoms like severe nausea and vertigo. JAG PT’s vestibular therapy specialization helps those with a balance disorder get back on their feet and back to their normal lives quickly and effectively.

Graston Technique

Even after the musculoskeletal system heals from injury or surgery, scarring and bands of abnormal tissue called fascial adhesions can remain, causing continued pain and lowered mobility. Fascial adhesions may also be a symptom of chronic conditions like frozen shoulder. The Graston technique is a specialized physical therapy method in which our highly-trained PTs use precision instruments to massage the affected area and help the body break down scarring and adhesions naturally.

For any inquiries about JAG PT Gramercy Park or to learn more about our specializations, contact us today.

JAG Physical Therapy
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Wayne LaneWayne Lane
19:15 14 Dec 22
This praxis is very clean and the personnel is totally professional. I would recommend the facility to friends and foes. It is hard to explain the joy one gets after a session! JAG Keep On Keeping On!
Andrew NaginAndrew Nagin
21:02 01 Nov 22
Jag one physical therapy in Manhattan is an excellent Rehabilitation facility to go to. From the front desk staff to the therapist and his assisants everyone is so friendly, courteous and professional and can't do enough for you. Stephen Ingrassia is the head clinician at the Jag in Gramercy. He knows his stuff and he also happens to be a wonderful massage therapist as well.I'm lucky to have him as a therapist there. Prior to coming to Jag One physical therapy I was very self-conscious and feeling very insecure about my disability with the scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis and having undergone two surgeries, one most recently in February of 2022 and though I was feeling that way when I arrived at Jag One everyone including Steven made me feel comfortable and at ease and continue to make me hopeful and I have no worries going in there on a weekly basis now. They are such a big help to me in my life right now and I am very grateful. I can't say enough about this place . Check it out you'll be happy too.
Christine KrajnykChristine Krajnyk
21:12 27 Jul 22
Everyone is very pleasant caring and understanding and very helpful with my pain
Norma FernandezNorma Fernandez
19:49 30 Jun 22
I entered with agonizing back pain and was relieved from it after todays session. Stephen listened to my concerns and treated me right away. I feel like I truly am on my way to making a full recovery. Thank you JAG and thank you Stephen!
17:16 31 May 22
Steve and the entire team were wonderful!! They helped me regain strength in my knee and were the kindest. I would go back to themIn a heartbeat. Thank you Steve and your team!
Jeanne PiroJeanne Piro
15:39 25 May 22
JAG Gramercy is a great facility. Under Steve’s direction, the team members work together to support their clients. They respond to your needs.
23:30 13 May 22
Steven at Jag Gramercy is top notch, intuitive actually cares and is committed to helping patients improve. - Christofer Holland
Richard WrightRichard Wright
20:24 07 May 22
I give it 5 stars because the staff are very knowledgeable ,confident, professional as well as friendly
Margie E.Margie E.
18:39 02 Apr 22
I chose Jag as a recommendation. I was quite impressed from 1st and 2nd visits due to significant improvements along with follow up exercises at home.
Karen ZukowskiKaren Zukowski
20:33 04 Mar 22
They've helped me recover after a really bad fracture (tibia plateau) and now after a not-so-bad sprain/fracture of the ankle. These people really know what they are doing, and give kind, encouraging, professional care.
Maritza RomanMaritza Roman
14:03 21 Feb 22
Very friendly staff. Steve gives the best massages! Since attending PT at JagOne my knee is feeling so much better. Thank you guys!
Asa TylerAsa Tyler
16:26 24 Jan 22
Excellent PT clinic. Stephen and the team there do an incredible job from start to finish. Super friendly staff, very informative team and helpful throughout the whole PT training process. Highly recommend!
Claudia ChaskaClaudia Chaska
15:28 05 Aug 21
I went to JAG PT several years ago as I recovered from a broken ankle. I found the care and attentiveness to strengthening and healing the damage very effective and both ankles are stronger than ever after the exercises and therapy. After arecent re - injuring of a torn rotater cuff I hope to continue receiving the excellent care at JAG as I have had in the past!
Kenny FriedKenny Fried
18:58 05 Sep 19
First and foremost, the help I received from Lindsey setting up appointments was wonderful. Coming in for my first session, I was a bit skeptical, as I have read reviews on other physical therapy places. My initial feeling was, "this is the real deal to heal." The staff is incredible, helping you in any way they possibly can. They're caring, considerate, and always there for anything you may require. Oh and you get a free T-shirt on your first day. All joking aside, go to this place if you want to get your body back to its normal painless life. Highly recommend this office and it's workers!

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