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The Facts about Telehealth Physical Therapy

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Telehealth, as defined by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), is the use of electronic communication and technology to remotely provide healthcare information and services. Gaining increased attention by patients and providers, telehealth allows for more flexibility when it comes to providing essential healthcare, and physical therapy is no exception.

The Facts about Telehealth Physical Therapy

  1. Increased Convenience- Using technology allows patients to communicate with their Telehealth physical therapist from anywhere. Therefore a physical therapy visit is now possible for those who may not have a reliable form of transportation multiple times per week, have time constraints, have sustained a new injury and are looking for quick access to advice, or, in times such as these, those who are too compromised or afraid of compromising others due to a condition, disease or illness.
  2. Increased Communication- Not only has telehealth made it easier for healthcare providers to communicate amongst themselves but it has now opened lines for patients to have increased access to their healthcare providers. A physical therapist can now educate patients and family members, make recommendations on their home environment to decrease incidence of injury, teach and re-teach a patient’s home exercise program or exercises that were already taught in a clinic visit, and progress a patient’s exercises and activities all from a distance.
  3. Same High Level of Care- At JAG Physical Therapy we stand behind our unique, care-first model of rehabilitation as it has been viewed as the “Gold Standard” in delivering the best possible outcomes for our patients. Whether you visit us in one of our facilities, schedule a telehealth appointment or are doing a hybrid of both your appointment will include an evaluation, therapeutic exercise and patient education with one of our highly experienced physical therapists.

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