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The Benefits of Telehealth

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world that it’s possible to do many of the things we need in our lives remotely. That’s especially true when it comes to taking care of our health, since at-risk individuals like the immunocompromised or elderly are vulnerable to getting sick if they visit a physician or therapist’s office in person.

JAG Physical Therapy’s innovative telehealth PT program can bring our high-level specialty services to the comfort of your home. You may not have thought it was possible to get effective PT treatment remotely, but our compassionate and skilled staff has all the tools needed to guide you through a highly rehabilitative treatment without you needing to see us in person.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine or teletherapy, is an umbrella term for all healthcare services and information that are provided via telephone or the internet. In a telehealth setting, health professionals can speak to patients about their symptoms and concerns, examine them, refer them for testing, advise them on lifestyle changes, and more – almost all of the things that are possible with an in-person visit.

At JAG PT, our comprehensive telehealth services focus on our cherished value of patient education. We’ll talk you through every necessary movement for your personal plan of therapeutic stretching and exercise, observe your body mechanics, and answer your questions so that you’re best prepared to self-rehabilitate daily at home.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Modern telehealth is usually provided through two-way video calls. The provider and patient can have a face-to-face conversation without physically being in the same room. Therefore, for a successful telehealth appointment, it’s important to be open about all of your relevant health concerns and aspects of your lifestyle.

JAG PT recommends a stable wi-fi internet connection, setting up your webcam-enabled device in an open space in your house where you’re free to move, and use of a headset or in-ear device so your physical therapist can clearly hear you speak and vice-versa.

Why is Telehealth Important?

JAG PT’s telehealth program brings our much-needed services, like pre- and post-operative PT, occupational therapy, and injury prevention, to people who would like to or need to stay home. Whether you have pandemic-related concerns, will be out of town on your appointment date, would have difficulty attending an in-person appointment due to the extent of your injury, or any other reason, we’re here for you and we’re committed to providing the best care to you remotely.

Schedule a telehealth evaluation with JAG PT today or contact us to learn more about our remote PT program.

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