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Common Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them

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Imagine this: You’re feeling perfectly healthy, but one day, you have an accident and suffer a shoulder dislocation. Out of nowhere, you’re injured in a way that upends your life for weeks. For many athletes, elderly people, and others, this situation is frustratingly real. To recover from a shoulder injury in the fastest, easiest manner possible, it’s essential to treat it correctly.

While everyone’s injury situation is unique, different techniques under the umbrella of physical therapy are some of the most effective interventions for many types of shoulder conditions. You should always consult with your physician first. But when you’re ready for physical therapy, the compassionate shoulder therapists at JAG PT can work with you to come up with the correct treatment plan for your particular needs.

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

Sometimes the cause of shoulder pain is obvious. If you tripped over the front steps and fell onto your shoulder, or you were practicing your four-seam fastball and felt something pop, then you’ve suffered a musculoskeletal injury.

But you can also damage your shoulder joint and muscles from overuse without immediately noticing it. Repetitive strain from a motion like raising your arm, such as when using a paint roller, is one culprit. And if you’re in a car accident, even a minor one, a great deal of force can be absorbed by your shoulder joint and potentially cause damage, but you may not realize it right away.

Most shoulder injuries stem from trauma to the muscles or tendons, bone instability (the joint moving partially out of its normal position, also called a subluxation), or impingement (friction between the muscles and the shoulder blade causing tearing or inflammation).

How Can I Heal from Shoulder Injuries?

Physical therapy is one of the best tools available to rehabilitate an injured shoulder. At JAG PT, we’re committed to involving you in your healing process and educating you on continuing to improve your shoulder functioning even at home.

Among the methods we use on shoulder injuries include medical massage through manual therapy, targeted stretching, and exercises to maintain motion in the bones and tendons of the scapula and humerus, which make up the shoulder joint. 

We’ll always teach you a customized exercise program to maintain and improve your mobility on your own. And in cases of frozen shoulder, which may be caused by a buildup of shoulder injuries over time, we use the proprietary Schroth method to help the body break down adhesions that cause immobility and pain.

Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Learn five easy exercises to help alleviate shoulder pain. These shoulder pain exercises can quickly be done throughout your day and can help improve your shoulders.

Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Injuries for Baseball Players

One of the most used body parts while playing baseball is the shoulder, and one of the most crucial muscles of the shoulder is the rotator cuff. These eight shoulder exercises will help you stay on the diamond all season long.

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