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4 Ways to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Have you experienced a numbness or tingling feeling radiating through your arms and hands? If this feeling has persisted for a number of months and gotten progressively worse, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when the median nerve in your wrist becomes pinched. CTS is commonly caused by recurrent use of the hands and wrists, including playing a musical instrument, typing, or performing manual labor such as using a screwdriver. Either way, carpal tunnel syndrome can appear gradually and steadily worsen, disrupting your ability to complete daily tasks. CTS can affect one or both of a person’s hands, igniting a tingling feeling in your fingers, specifically your thumbs and index fingers. It is also common to experience a sensation of weakness in your wrists.

There are many ways to treat mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. With effective remedies, carpal tunnel symptoms can be swiftly relieved and transform a person’s life. Below are five home remedies you can use to begin to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome.

1) Steer Clear of Repetitive Tasks

The frequent execution of tasks throughout the day can magnify the pain caused by CTS. To avoid further harm, it is essential to step away from repetitive tasks after a certain time, or avoid them altogether (if possible). For instance, if you are playing the violin or typing on the computer for hours at a time throughout the day, manage your time and your symptoms by setting a timer. Once your alarm goes off, halt all movement and begin to stretch your wrists and hands to let the blood flow through these areas. Frequent pauses will help strengthen and heal your median nerves.

2) Perform Stretching Exercises

Whether you’re standing in line at the movie theater or working at your desk, you can do swift wrist exercises anywhere you are! These exercises will help relieve the pressure currently placed on your wrist or fingers. One exercise, for instance, involves making a tight fist and sliding your fingers upwards until they are straight across. You can repeat this action five to ten times per day. Performing simple movements will help improve your carpal tunnel symptoms.

3) Keep Warm

Carpal tunnel syndrome can worsen in the cold- the freezing weather can actually make your symptoms worse and bring you severe pain. To help keep stiffness and pain at bay, it is important to wear gloves during the winter. Another great tactic to keep your hands and wrists warm is to bring hand warmers with you when you are heading outside into the cold. That way, you’re staying warm and helping relieve your carpal tunnel symptoms. It’s a win-win!

4) Wear Splints on Your Wrists

Another technique to significantly assist with relieving the pressure of your pinched nerves is to wear a splint. A wrist splint helps keep your wrist in a straight, neutral position. Since carpal tunnel symptoms are most frequent during the evening and night hours, wearing a splint at night can be very helpful. Many of those who have experienced carpal tunnel syndrome wear their split during flare-ups, and while at work if repetitive motions are required.

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