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4 Steps to Fitness Success in 2019

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Do you desire to stay fit and healthy with a sculpted figure and well-defined muscle tone but have no idea where to start? Being a beginner in the fitness world can be intimidating for anyone. Reaching fitness success does not happen overnight – it is a long process but definitely worth the hard work and dedication. The hardest part of becoming fit is starting the process, but now that you have decided to begin, here are four steps to follow to make your fitness journey a success.

1. “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”

Setting a goal will give you visualization, a purpose, and something to look forward to, and it will be all around beneficial for your fitness success. Your objective must be realistic – don’t make your goal to be an Olympian by the end of summer. Keep your goal clear and explicit by being specific. Also, when deciding on your goal, be certain to make it measurable, significant, and applicable to a strict deadline. “Go to the gym more” or “eat better” are too vague to be fitness goals. Take time to really consider what you want out of your fitness journey within a reasonable amount of time.

2. “A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”

Once your goal is established, it is time to set your plan into action! A plan is the blueprint for how you will achieve your goal. Planning is a process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired personal goal. Try building your plan with a routine of diet and nutrition, how often you want to exercise each week, when to exercise during the day, what stretches to complete, etc.  Similar to setting your goal, make sure to set a realistic plan. Creating an action plan should make your life easier by establishing a realistic routine, like going to the gym four days a week rather than shooting for seven right off the bat.

3. “Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress”

While you are on your fitness success journey, it is crucial to know if you are on the right track. Your fitness goal or plan might not work initially; you may need to adjust certain aspects of your action plan. Tracking your progress by taking photos of yourself, stepping on a scale, and monitoring how much you can lift are all good ways to stay motivated towards your goal. Always remember where you started and appreciate each milestone during your fitness success journey.

4. “Good Things Take Time”

Staying motivated is the most essential part of any fitness journey. It is so easy to skip a day of exercising, have a cheat meal, or fall back into unhealthy habits. Because getting fit is not an overnight process, staying motivated is essential. A big part of your fitness success is a mental game. Do not compare yourself to others- everyone is on their own fitness voyage! It is important to remain positive throughout the process. Stick to your goals – you can do it!

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