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JAG-ONE PT CEO John Gallucci Jr. featured on the Healthy, Wealthy & Smart Podcast

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John Gallucci Jr., CEO of JAG Physical Therapy, was featured as a guest on the Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast on an episode entitled, “Dr. John Gallucci Jr.: Collaborative Care: Physical Therapy and Athletic Training.”

During the 40-minute-long interview, John discusses several topics with host Dr. Karen Litzy, including the importance of athletic trainers, how they work with physical therapists, and their role in the community. The conversation begins with John discussing the story behind JAG PT, including how the company has metamorphosed into a comprehensive service business that now offers athletic training services to athletic clubs, academies, and specialized sports.

As John says, “One of the biggest things we’ve learned over the years is a multidisciplinary approach. In sports, you see the best benefits for rehabilitation in a multidisciplinary approach. At JAG PT, we’ve been able to melt that together with physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, performance coaches, and certified athletic trainers.”

The conversation continues with John discussing the shortage of athletic trainers and how ATs are paid. He uses the on-field collapse of Damar Hamlin in the NFL last year as an example. Thanks to the role of the responding ATs’ quick work in saving Hamlin’s life, politicians have introduced bills to require athletic trainers in certain environments. Direct links to John’s Twitter and LinkedIn, and JAG PT’s website and social media pages, are included in the episode’s description.