John Gallucci and the staff at JAG Physical Therapy are so thorough and encouraging. Thanks to the outstanding skills and knowledge of John Gallucci, I have recovered fully and am able to play at the highest level.  Thanks again to John Gallucci and the Staff at JAG Physical Therapy!

Zach Parise, NHL Hockey Player

It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and for me it ain’t over yet. I still love to play golf, and my back was so tight I couldn’t swing a club. After a month with John Gallucci, I was able to play 18 holes six days in a row. I may be 87, but I still want to play, and JAG Physical Therapy got me back on the course.

Yogi Berra, Major League Baseball Legend

JAG Physical Therapy is the best. You never want to get hurt, but these guys do a great job getting athletes back on the ice or the field as quickly as possible. It’s a very upbeat, motivating environment.

Matthew Taormina, NHL Hockey Player

I have had the rest but John Gallucci and his staff are truly the best. His professionalism, experience, compassion and passion are unmatched in the medical field. John thank you for all that you have done for me.

Anthony Calandra, Owner, Calandra Enterprises, Inc.

John Gallucci has a passion and love for what he does. He CARES. He is the best I’ve ever been around in all of my years as an athlete and coach. My players were always ready to perform at their peak after they returned from under John’s care.

Armond Hill, Assistant Coach, Boston Celtics
Former NBA Player, Atlanta Hawks

John Gallucci is truly outstanding at what he does. Trainers are always on the hot seat to get a player back into the game and John is great at expediting that process, but preventing injuries is equally as important and he always helped us take the field stretched, strong, and ready to play. I have high regard for John’s ability and character and wish him luck with JAG Physical Therapy.

Tab Ramos, U.S. Soccer Federation U-20 Head Coach
Former Professional and Olympic Soccer Star

John Gallucci and JAG PT have done a tremendous job keeping me on the field throughout my career with the United States National Soccer Team, the MetroStars, and now with the New Jersey Ironmen indoor soccer team. I have also trusted John to treat members of my immediate family, including my mom, Mrs. Meola. JAG is second to none.

Tony Meola, All-Pro Soccer Goalkeeper

To John Gallucci and the JAG Family: Thanks for all your hard work and dedication that it took to get this Jag back on the field!

Colin Cloherty, Jacksonville Jaguars

To John Gallucci, A great physical therapist and even better friend. Thanks for everything.

Daniel Hernandez, Captain, FC Dallas

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the first class care you have provided. JAG is the best in the business!!! All the best in the future.

Jason Hernandez – Professional Soccer Player, San Jose Earthquakes

To John Gallucci: Thank you for the best treatment and rehab I’ve ever received. Your professional attitude and friendship have been a joy to be around. Good luck.

Tim Regan – Former Professional Soccer Player, Current Head Scout, U.S. Soccer Federation

John Gallucci and the JAG PT Staff have done an outstanding job returning our athletes to the field over the years. John is a true medical professional who genuinely cares for each and every athlete that walks through his door.

Craig LaBianco, MS, ATC
Associate Athletic Trainer
Columbia University

To JAG The best and LOUDEST place for physical therapy in the tri-state area.

Taylor Graham – Professional Soccer , Seattle Sounders

I can’t begin to thank you enough, your treatment and support has kept me healthy and on the field. To the best PT place in the Northeast: John Gallucci and the JAG family, thank you for all your professional care and guidance.

Damani Ralph – Professional Soccer Player, Major League Soccer and Jamaican National Team

Simply put, Galluch is the best I have had in my entire athletic career. He understands the frustrations athletes go through when they are hurt. He not only rehabs you, he motivates you to work your hardest, to get back on the field playing your best.

Joe Ghedina, Professional Lacrosse Player, New Jersey Pride (MLL)

After rotator cuff surgery, I needed a physical therapist whom I could trust and get my shoulder back in shape. John Gallucci and his staff came highly recommended, and lived up to their reputation. At JAG PT, they work you hard, but at the same time make it an enjoyable experience.

Dave McLaughlin
Former Minor League Baseball Player
Current Secretary, Livingston American Little League

We utilize JAG Physical Therapy to assist in the athletic training and rehabilitation of the athletes we work with at the Fred Hill Sports Academy. They have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with professional and amateur athletes. The JAG staff is of the highest quality and our staff and parents consider them to be a major asset.

Jimmy Hill, General Manager
Fred Hill Sports Academy
Verona, NJ

To John Gallucci, the best trainer in the league.

Chris Henderson – Former Professional Soccer Player and Olympic Soccer Star, Currently Technical Director for Seattle Sounders FC

While lying in bed this morning, I thought how fortunate I am to have met you. Due to your pushing, cajoling and maneuvering, let’s call it, I have improved to the point that I thought would have taken months to accomplish. On behalf of all my family, please accept my many, many thanks for your efforts on my behalf. I will never forget you.

Lionel M. Levey, President, The Levey Companies, Inc.

John Gallucci, Jr. is a true professional dedicated to safety and health of athletes at all levels of participation. With over 15 years experience in the field of sports medicine, John has cared for athletes from youth sports right up to the highest professional level. John’s dedication to his patients is unsurpassed and is accompanied by a personality that provides comfort and reassurance. I wish John all the best in his future endeavors.

Jim Gossett, ATC, Associate Athletics Director for Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer, Columbia University

JAG Physical Therapy is a group of professionals who are dedicated and commited to the goals of their patients but also with the goals which they set for themselves. The owner, Giovanni (John) Anthony Gallucci, is determined to produce outstanding therapists and trainers. He is also committed to providing superior level of care .

Andrew Ullman

The Essex County Athletic Directors Association is lucky to have someone like John Gallucci to support our tournaments and help them run well. Also, we have utilized JAG Physical Therapy’s excellent trainers to cover some of our athletic events, notably hockey. We are very happy with the relationship.

David Doty, Athletic Director
Butler High School

Being a professional athlete, health is my main concern. Throughout the time that John Gallucci has worked with me, he’s been very dedicated, caring, and professional. He’s fully committed to getting the athlete back to 100% and playing as quick as possible. But more than anything else, John’s best attribute is the focus and attention he shows to EVERY athlete.

Mark Lisi, Professional Soccer Player, MetroStars

Injury after injury,
pain everyday.
I came to JAG
and all my worries went away.
Session after session,
I learn a new lesson.
I keep doing all the homework,
and it’s a fact,
that my pain never came back.

Nathaniel Charendoff

John Gallucci is such a talented trainer and therapist. He works well under pressure. He is upbeat, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. If I had a family member that needed to rehab an injury, JAG Physical Therapy would be the first place I’d go.

Charlie Shoulberg, Assistant General Manager, United States Men’s Lacrosse Team
President, STEPS Lacrosse, Randolph, New Jersey

John Gallucci has consistently kept me healthy and ready to play!  To the best in the business, good luck with JAG Physical Therapy!

Youri Djorkaeff – Former Professional Soccer and International Soccer Star

Gallucci, Good luck with your new business.

Evan Dabby, Sr. Director of Operations, Major League Soccer

Teamwork at JAG Physical Therapy
For a successful outcome we must work as a team
It will soon be apparent just what I mean
Our surgeon operates on us with precision and skill
He has repaired the joint which has made us ill
We bring our swollen, painful bodies to PT
Hoping to be restored to the way we used to be
This is not an easy process because of all the pain
But we need their help to become whole again
They work very hard with us to make us strong
And not to hold up our end would be very wrong
This whole process is teamwork, the way it should be
It works so well, you’d have to agree
So I personally want to say “Thank You to JAG”
You are truly the best PT Team that can be had!

©2009 Patricia B. Schoeler

From the initial evaluation with my therapist to the exercise help with the ATC’s and the aides, to the treatment, I felt that there was personalized care, attention to my needs, and concern for my recovery. Much like the bar in the TV show Cheers, I felt like “everyone knew my name”, and more importantly, most cared about my welfare and my progress. I am neither a pro athlete nor an exceptional amateur one, but through a combination of the care I received at JAG and my own diligence to the program, I am on my way back to doing triathlons and distance swimming events.

Barry A. Bachenheimer, Ph.D.

From the office staff to the therapeutic staff, I have never experienced a group so perfectly trained and matched to perform the jobs that they do. Their knowledge and expertise, and the way in which they continue to educate themselves, is impressive on its own. In my position, working many hours each day and not being able to take time off from my work day to come to therapy, the last thing that I really wanted to do at the end of each day was to then go to physical therapy. After my experience at JAG Physical Therapy, I can easily say that they take a generally uncomfortable experience and turn it into a pleasurable road to recovery. Once again, thank you to John Gallucci and the staff at JAG Physical Therapy!

Shawn Luftglass

I find that in our busy lives, we freely remember to offer criticism, but often forget to recognize and share the positive. You are DEFINITELY the positive! I felt my experience with JAG Physical Therapy was not just a set of exercises and routines, but the plan that you developed for me and changed when necessary, the encouragement you gave when I needed it most, the gentle way you manipulated and worked with me (even when it was so painful), and the way you helped me learn how to establish a routine at home! I never felt like a number or the “lady with the knee”, but always as an individual with a thoughtful, smart and comprehensive care plan developed to maximize my recovery. As I have had other physical therapy experiences, my experience at JAG Physical Therapy is a little like the Goldilocks story – some were too little and others too much, but at JAG it was just right!

Anna Brown

At JAG Physical Therapy, “Get Back in the Game of Life” is more than a slogan, it is a commitment that John Gallucci and his team make to every patient. The group at JAG works tirelessly to help every person who walks in the door, whether that means getting them back onto the field, or just getting back the ability to walk up the stands to watch their grandson play. As a patient, I can’t thank John and his team enough for their professional care. As a high school football coach, I can’t thank JAG enough for helping our boys recover quickly and get back with their teammates.

Allen Curtiss, James Caldwell HS Football Coach

Thanks so much for your expert care. I would not have made this much progress without your help.

Elaine S.

Thanks a lot to our wonderful JAG Group; Talented in what you do to help us recoup.

Pat and Marie S.

Ritchie and I want to thank you for his recovery program that got him back on the field!

Michelle and Ritchie

To all my friends at JAG: Thanks so much for all your help, care, and support!

Jackie G.

Thank you all for your great care, you are all so wonderful and very special!

Fred W.

Thanks for helping me stay positive and patient during my recovery!


I really looked forward to go to JAG for physical therapy and especially due to the fact of the positive results.

Peggy M.

Thank you for all you do in getting my arm back in working order.

Annie M.

Thanks for your professionalism, friendship, and healing techniques.

Stan L.

Thanks to everyone at JAG for helping me in my rehab! It’s exciting to be a player again.

Mikey I.

What I found at JAG was a staff that was courteous, helpful, and encouraging. Thank you!

Sharita and Murray Z.

I can’t thank you enough for getting me back on my feet.

Savanna E.

You made my day helping me get back on track. Thanks so much.

Lauren L.

Thank you for putting me back in good neck movement and feeling like normal, but most of all for making my visits comfortable.


I found each of you to be extremely capable, showing kindness and patience, which had great meaning to the time spent.

Anne W.

We have been to several physical therapy groups, but you guys are the best.

Sybil and Phil R.

Thanks so much for all your help. You are a great team!

Gloria M.

Thank you for the supportive and caring atmosphere you create every day.


Thank you a thousand times for putting the bounce back into my step.

Kay M.

Thank so much for helping me become pain-free.

Sue W.

Thank you so much for all of your help over the years! You excellent care and skill was key to keeping me healthy.

Skylar Z.

Thank you all so much for you help in rehabbing my knee. You all worked well together and took pride in what you did.

Gill S.